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Privacy Policy

Web Site
The site itself does not use cookies. However, certain advertisements may place cookies on your computer. Those cookies have no personally identifiable information and are used to track referrals.

Information Collected
We log your country/network, browser and pages you visit while at our site. This information is used only for statistical purposes and does not have any personally identifiable information. This data is used by us to determine most popular pages, analyze geographical distribution of our visitors and perform other similar tasks in order to enhance our services.

E-mail forms
When sending us an e-mail via our e-mail forms or using our Tell-A-Friend utility to tell others about our site, your IP address is logged for security reasons. This is done to discourage spammers from using our forms to send unsolicited mail. IP addresses and other revelant information will be used to prosecute offenders.

Other Sites
We cannot be responsible for content of sites/documents outside of our domain.

Your IP address
IP address uniqely identifies your computer on the Internet network. Your IP address is logged when you are at support forums for security reasons in order to prevent abuse of the bulletin board service.

Bulletin board uses cookies to store your bulletin board preferences and login session. Those cookies have no personally identifiable information.

Registration and E-mail
In order to post on our support forums you have to register. During registration you must provide a username (which does not have to be your real name) and a valid e-mail address. You may choose to hide your e-mail address from other bulletin board members.

Contact Us
To contact us about this policy please e-mail us.

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