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About HFT Online

HFT Timeline
Officially opened: May 9, 2000
Moved to www.helpfromtechs.com and switched to UBB: November 11, 2000
Switched to vBulletin software: July 11, 2002
Moved to www.hftonline.com: August 8, 2002

HFT Online is a team of computer enthusiasts who believe that tech support should be free. Our main function is to provide a wide range of computer support and solutions.

Back In Time
Interested in how all this looked when it started? Take our Back In Time tour!

Meet The Team
Our team consists of 2 administrators (Techguy and tweakthis), and 5 super moderators (Dag-Otto, Jana, kulich, PcKiller, and Pure Luck, totalling 8 people on the Team. We are also assisted by MikeFoster, previously a Moderator at HFT, who is acting in advisory capacity - he is currently a member of SitePoint staff. Click on an individual name for a bio or read on for all of them.

Techguy (Administrator/Webmaster)
"I started working with computers on a professional level a few years ago. I always believed that tech support should be free, that was the main reason why I joined VirtualDr a few years ago as a regular member. During the slowdown in May 2000 I opened my own board, back then hosted by ezboard, but in November 2000 it was decided to switch to a domain and change software. Since then, many changes have taken place here, but all of them are to ensure that computer users get their support fast, efficient and free."

tweakthis (Administrator)
"I'm currently living in Canada's capital, Ottawa. About 10 years ago I it was time for a career change from retail and went back to school as a (somewhat) mature student. To my amazement I discovered it's a lot more fun the second time around. I enjoyed my WP 5.1 for DOS course (a little touch of nostalgia for those who can actually remember their DOS days ;)) so much that I bought a computer. Within 2 weeks I had the case off and was exploring the innards. After about a year I helped my bro build his first PC from some new (used) parts and my leftovers from upgrading. What can I say, I'm a hardware junkie. *lol* Now one of my hobbies is to scrounge parts and build systems to give to persons who are disadvantaged. Another hobby, it seems, is spending too much time on-line! (My daughter made me add this *lol*) I'm an army brat who has lived in several Canadian provinces as well as London (England), Paris (France) and visited Russia in the mid-70's (before the borders were open). Now I live with a teenage woman-in-training (my daughter) and another hobby is to figure out ways to embarass her - it's sooo easy to reduce her to "No, just no!" (which I interpret as the current term for "gross") ;) I found TG's Bulletin Board shortly after the grand opening and enjoyed it so much that I became a regular who posted jokes, funny stories and other items of humour. Now I hang out here and visit with friends."

Dag-Otto (Super Moderator)
Hi, my name is Mike. I currently reside in a small country town outside Canada's capital, Ottawa. I have been involved with computers since the late 80's and I finally chose to make it a career in the mid 90's. I found hftonline.com whilst digging for a new forum board to hang-out and see if I could offer a hand anywhere I could. I ended up spending so much time here the good folks at HFT Online asked me to help out as a moderator. It has been very rewarding thus far to add to this community and find that the users who visit here are very genuine in their thanks, I welcome the chance to see how we can help today and in the future.

Jana (Super Moderator)
I live in Germany, near Munich. My very first computer consisted of an old TV-screen and the keypad of an old typewriter, the rest of the computer was handmade by my brother and me! Now I create homepages and am a member of a team, which develops e-learning platforms in order to teach WLAN and Network. I have learned a lot about computers in forums and decided to help out at HFT Online. So if you need help, donít hesitate to ask, Iíll do my best.

kulich (Super Moderator)
"I find myself amazed both at what computers can do and what they canít. Even though I like to think of myself as a gamer, I rarely spend any time actually gaming Ė the scenery is just as interesting as the action. By happenstance I was offered a chance to work with computers, running a computer-delivered homeschool program in far away Haida Gwaii. That was six years ago, and I expect that most types of hardware and software problem have crossed my path since. Kids do experiment Ė drag and drop isnít perhaps the most secure environment. Then I got the lab; like most I turned it into my own little empire. The last few years Iíve been at home raising up the kinfolk and dividing myself between hammering, digging and cooking and endless tweaking and rebuilding in my ďofficeĒ downstairs. And teaching, fixing and advising in the neighbourhood including, now, this forum. Whatever I can do for you, I will."

PcKiller (Super Moderator)
"Hello, My name is Jeff, aka PcKiller. Don't let the name worry you. I got the name from playing my computer games at an insane resolution, so much so, that it is a killer on the PC. Hence the name. Started with computer along time ago. I do a lot of on-line Multi-player games. Have my own game review website. My first computer was a suitcase looking Compaq model. I live in PA. on the other side that Maxx does. We keep the state safe. LOL! I am the Moderator of Applications (Software) and Games. So, if you need help with a computer game, I will try to help you out. Will try my best to answer all questions, and will from time to time, post game reviews. I am looking forward to see you on the forum."

Pure Luck (Super Moderator)
"Larry aka Pure Luck here. I have the privelege of Moderating the Win9x forum with manunkind and Win2000/XP/Networking forum with Dag-Otto. I got hooked on computers 5 years ago. For the first year I was scared to even take a screw out of the back. Then I bought more ram and installed it myself and never looked back. I now enjoy building them from scratch and tweaking them as much as possible. Sometimes too much. I've learned everything I know through trial and error. Sometimes a lot of error. I also owe a lot of what I think I know to a handful of good friends I've made online in the last 5 years. What I enjoy about computers the most is that you can learn something new every day even if you're not trying. Also being online, you realize just how small our world is and how much we're all alike in some way or another. So happy computing to all. Get online, have fun, make new friends and learn."

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