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HFT Online is, and has always been, a free service to our members. However, running such a free service involves some expense. Hosting, domain registration, board software and chat subscription fees are our main expenses. This costs several hundred US dollars per year. Because this is a non-profit web site, all of the money comes out of our pocket. If this site has been helpful to you, you are encouraged to donate using your credit card (via PayPal interface). Your support is greatly appreciated.

If you donate more than $15 a year, ads will be removed from your account and you will be given a special title 'Community Supporter', as well as access increased private messaging and attachment quotas, and certain features, such as 'Invisible Mode', which gives you the option to browse forums without appearing in Who's Online.

Click on the DONATE icon below to donate. You can donate using your Visa, MasterCard or AmericanExpress credit cards; or using your PayPal account.

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